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Sheercats Mattie Franklin "aka" Frankie born 21-June 2014 is the founder of our cattery, we are very happy with Frankie and with the confidence that Mo van Stuijvenberg Cattery Sheercats the breeder of Frankie, in us and our cattery.

Health, well socialized kittens are very important in our breeding policy. Frankie will be tested are dna and echo/on: hcm, PKD, hcm 1 3 PKDef PRA, Fiv FELV blood type determination and patella luxatatie (PL).

The ultrasound of the heart and the x-ray Patella luxation (knees) are carried out by dierenkliniek Avanti in Genk both are negative.

The father of the kittens of Frankie will be healthy and also tested, a stable social character, to the appearance of a classic Maine Coon and a beautiful family tree. We have found this beautiful man, hopefully he is still available as us "Frank" lets you know that they can handle motherhood.

Our cats are not "free" around, yet we believe it is important that cats can enjoy the exciting outdoor life such as watching the birds, flying and dancing butterflies, so they can enjoy chatting!

This may result in an outside run or in a covered garden with a kattennet, this is a condition that Frankie and we propose to the staff of our kittens.

Socialization that is the period (this takes up to 16 weeks), that kittens with as many sounds and acts from our people daily life meet, from birth to 7 weeks are the most important socialization weeks to get used to, among other things, brushing, petting, ears cleaning, lifting, vacuuming, muziekinstumenten, vet, children etc.

A well socialized kitten/cat feels happier and has less stress, will be easier to get along.

Our kittens stay with mother to at least 13/14 weeks, this in importance of mental and social development of the kittens, mother teaches their where their boundaries lie, also playing with shades the nest (Sham) fights that they have an important function they can then better adjust to the normal social rules that cats among themselves. Disease prevention is also an important reason because kittens normally for the first time be vaccinated when they are about 8 weeks old with 11/12 weeks they are vaccinated and then again a year are protected from nies and cat disease. It is therefore recommended to kittens by raskattenverenigingen no sooner than one week after the second inoculation. Any entreacties will occur within one week of the EC, by an additional stress factor such as moving the kitten can still get sick despite the full inoculations and, of course, we want to prevent this.

If the kittens to their new homes move they have a flea and worm cure there is a chip and a European passport a beautiful family tree and a kitten Pack.

We are in favour of fresh meat for the cat, the cat is by nature a meat eater, therefore our cats and kittens get fresh meat such as: Barf, Prince Totalcare as staple food. They also get canned food so they get used to this because not everyone want to fresh meat. Of course there are always pieces ready the Maine Coon brok, Hills Science Plan. For the staff who prefer canned food would start giving than are the brands Porta Feline, Cosma Schersir Almo to recommend.


A kitten is a cat for life a "Golden Comme il faut basket" a basket like it belongs!

Our Cattery is registered with Universal Cat Club e.V. UCC-2015-5-312

Member of Maine Coon Breeders






Cats and behaviour


The behavior and to better understand the needs of the cat, we have a number of courses followed as the G1 course of Pawpeds Academy, the genetics of the cat by judges g. de Beer and R Leyen. The cat behavior courses, HKB, dealing with anxious and problem cats, infectious diseases, socialization and reproduction, followed at Felinova kattengedrags therapy of anneleen Bru Animal Behaviour Consultant.

The techniques of Felinova dealing with anxious and problem cats work permanently and are based on positive behavioral modifications. Of course, we remain of the lectures of the Institute of veterinary medicine Felcan cats days in Utrecht and attending courses including clicker training and disease in the cat Felinova at Kruibeke Belgium.


A cat can survive anywhere!

They are used to the Siberian cold.

They have the moist forest areas of Norway, the American Maine conquered and the desert areas of North Africa.


Despite this, it was thought half a century ago that the cat could not adapt to his new environment. That cats could bring to a holiday address, one could not move with a cat, that cat could be held not in house and not to the line could walk.

Cats dazzle us again and again with behaviors where we they don't actually deemed capable of! That cats without the good fortune to be able to walk around freely yet can be happy!

How can we contribute to cat owners a happy kattenen life?

Let the cat at the first smell your hand, she turns her head away than she wants to not be touched!

Our home décor; cats think we in 2D in 3D, therefore its heights is very important for a cat baskets/ligplankjes on the wall for the cat a nice safe place to sleep out all the height.

Cardboard boxes the cat can hide with the idea, not you and not me, I see you ".

Cats eat 10 a 20 small meals a day, spread/hide in home small amounts of kibble bv in anti-startled dishes the kittens have to work for their food and this they find great to do!

Sufficient litter trays 1 plus 1 and place it not on or adjacent to aisles.

Drinkfontijnen instead of water bowls this encourages drinking.

Play = Hunt = the essence of the life of a cat and strengthens the trust and the bond between owner & cat.

There are many other cats luck bringers we changes in our House, our behavior and by reading the dictionary of the cat, better able to respond to the needs of our beloved pet!

We cat owners are no observers but actors!